Sánchez Cobarro PH, García Gómez M, Gómez Díaz M, Gómez Sánchez R, Delgado Gómez MS. Dykinson, Madrid, 2016

Antonio Riquelme Marín1

1Universidad de Murcia, España

Correspondence: Antonio Riquelme Marín.

This paper analyzes the different pieces of research that are being developed in the line of work of Emotional Welfare in different fields. We find, throughout the book, different versions, which enrich the perspectives presented by the authors. Through the different studies that support the nine chapters of this book, we are entering the world of Emotional Welfare, recapitulating different fields, thus we find that it reflects positive psychology, emotional health in processes of illness, education, in basic processes such as emotion, thought, memory, in stages of life somewhat complicated as adolescence, and gives keys to survive success.
The several authors present us with an excellent work in transmitting the contents of the work, and they make us participate in their desire to understand, unite and compare the different fields of this subject, arguing their presentations through relevant sources of consultation. And all this is presented with the prologue of the professor and specialist in Emotion and Welfare, Dr. Bisquerra Alzina, whose curriculum as a researcher in personal and emotional development has a long journey, being a guarantee for the recommendation of this book. The book carefully analyzes the models that have been incorporated into the field of Emotional Welfare, teaching us learning goals to immerse ourselves in the daily dynamics of the different areas of our life, all from a basic and clear structure and with the basic paratextual elements.
The reader will find reasons for the reading of the chapters through this pleasant deepening and through the contents that these researchers bring us.

Paloma del Henar Sánchez Cobarro
Associate Professor at the University of Murcia. Degree in Advertising and Public Relations and Journalism. Collaborator of the research group Personal development. He has published several publications and participated in multiple congresses. Consultant.

María García Gómez
Dra. In psychology specialist in emotional intelligence and mindfulness. Master in applied neurosciences. Master in emotional ecology. Clinical practice as a psychotherapist. Associate Professor at the University of Barcelona.

Magdalena Gómez Díaz
Magdalena Gómez Díaz. Dra. In Psychology. Master in Clinical Psychology and Master in Psychotherapy and Communication: Integrative Gestalt. Assistant professor doctor of the Faculty of Nursing of the Catholic University of Murcia

Rosario Gómez Sanchez
Dra. In Psychology Diploma in Family counseling and guidance. Master of Speech Therapy
Professor contracted doctor of the Faculty of Nursing of the Catholic University of Murcia Principal Investigator of the Research Group “Psychology, Health and Integrative Therapies”

Mª Soledad Delgado Gómez
Degree in psychology. Degree in Nursing. Doctorate in CC. Of the healthMaster Logopedia. University Expert in Personal Development, Conscious Education and Mindfulness.
Training in Systemic and Family Therapy. Master Clinical Psychology. Master Psychology General Sanitary. Professor Faculty of Nursing at the Catholic University of Murcia.